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Contact us to pre-book your bicycle.
Delivery can usually be made the evening before you require your bike.

Delivery is FREE anywhere in the Albany City Area.
Helmets and Locks are included with your bicycle hire.

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Phone 0428 415168

Postal Address :
223 Middleton Road
Albany WA 6330

*Bicycle Sizes Required?
Men's Adult X-Large
Men's Adult Large
Men's Adult Medium
Men's / Boys Small
Mens'/Boys X-Small
Ladies Adult Large
Ladies Adult Medium
Ladies Adult Small
Girls 24"
Boys 24"
Child's 24" Geared
Child's 20" Geared
Child's 20" with Back Peddle Brake
Child's 20" with Training Wheels
Child's 20" Shortie
Child's 20" Shortie with Training Wheels
Child's 16"
Child's 16" with Training wheels
Tot's Bicycle
Tot's Tricycle
*Adult Bicycle Style
Standard Mountain Bicycle
Special Bicycles Required ?
Small Adults with Baby Seat
Medium Adult with Baby Seat
Large Adult with Baby Seat
Small Adult with Tag-a-long
Medium Adult with Tag-a-long
Large Adult with Tag-a-long
Adult Tandam
*Helmet Sizes Required
None - We are bringing our own
Extra Small
Extra Large
Large Sandboard
Small Sandboard
Body Board