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Go Cycle Amazing Albany

Your Guide to exploring Albany on your bicycle -

...provided courtesy of the Albany Bicycle Users Group

A Go Cycle Amazing Albany Map is FREE with your bicycle hire.

Albany's mild climate is ideal for cycling.

Rarely too wet, and almost never too hot, cycling in Albany is an all year round activity. The many kilometers of sealed shared-use paths will take you to some of Amazing Albany's most prized sites and sights. Use the map to better plan and enjoy your cycle journey.

Why Cycle?

Cycling is a great way to:

  • Stay healthy
  • Look after the enviroment
  • Save money
  • See more around Albany
  • Have fun

Scenic Cycling Routes

The fabulous sights of Albany await you, and cycling is an ideal way to see some of Amazing Albany's hidden treasures! The following routes will take you around glorious harbours, past pristine beaches, and give you glimpses of wildlife and wildflowers. Please note that some of the routes traverse high traffic,high speed roads and may not be designed with cyclists in mind, so please cycle with care. All routre distances have been estimated from Middleton Beach Surf Club and times are based on an average recreational speed.

Albany Bicycle Users Group was formed in early 2006 and has taken an active role in promoting cycling in Albany and encouraging local government to provide better cycling facilities. The map is one such example, which has been part funded by the City of Albany and the Department of Planning & Infrastructure through the Country Pathways Scheme. ABUG members volunteered their time to plan the map.

Down Load Map Here

Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach is the most popular beach being just 3km from the city centre. Excellent cycle/walking paths lead to both Emu Point and the city. Remember these are dual use paths for both cycling and walking so be ready for unexpected movements from dogs, children and the elderly.

From Middleton Beach, an approx 3 km path follows the beach to Emu Point, an easy short ride for everyone. Ideal for children and those that want a short easy ride. The approx 5km ride to the city centre starts at the Ellen Cove Boardwalk. This follows the coast with spectacular views over Middleton Beach, King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour. A hillier ride than the Emu Point path but well rewarded with the views. Be sure to take your camera for the lookout points along the way.

Most popular rides are along the beach front from Middleton Beach to Emu Point or along the Board Walk from Middleton Beach Jetty to the City centre. Very panoramic views over King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour with several photgraphc spots, and benches along the way. Stop and take in the spectacular scenery. Be sure to snap a photo or two - beautiful area. If you are in the City Centre, this path will take you to Middleton Beach with the option of continuing to Emu Point.

Note: The path to/from Middleton Beach/Emu Point is flat while the Middleton Beach/ City Centre path does have some hills - but very worthwhile for the scenery - and there are rest spots along the way. Be sure to take your camera!

Most Albany Maps have cycle paths marked. A FREE Go Cycle Amazing Albany Map is available with every hire which lists more suggestions for rides

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Whales & Waves

A 60km/4 hours return journey to some of Albany's most famous icons, one man-made, the others natural!

Follow the incredibly scenic boardwalk west towards the Albany Port, but take Brunswick Road at the end of the trail for a short, quieter route through town. Stay with it as it changes name to Stirling Terrace, past the historic presinct, crossing York Street then following Festing Street before it meets Princess Royal Driev where you turn right. At Frenchman's Bay Road turn left, you'll find the shared-use path about 500m from the corner, then you'll be on flat terrain for a good while. The Yatch Club is an ideal spot to take a break and wet your whistle before finding Frenchman Bay Road again. A short steady climb for a few km will have you ready to turn left onto Quaranup Road for a spell. Turn right at Shoal Bay Rd, then link into McBride Road into Goode Beach (with some good hills) and a left & right onto Whaling Station Road, where you'll find the iconic Whale World. Once you've restored your energy there, follow Frenchman Bay Road back up the hill then take Salmon Holes Road left to check out the pounding ocean. You can return the same way, or check out the blow-holes, and the Gap/ natural bridge before finding the path at the general store. Be vigilant on the rocks and the roads!

Wind Farm

This 30km/2 hour route takes in some of Albany's newest attractions and some spectacular coastal views.

Follow the same route as Whales & Waves until you are a few kms along the shared path. Look out for Princess Avenue and the sign for Albany Wind Farm. Turn right here then left after 1km, to avoid going to gaol!. Be prepared for a peak at the majestic, jumbo-sized blades of the wind turbines as you attempt some steep hill climbs. If the sight of the windmills doesn't take your breath away, the hills might! Return the same way, or take a diversion through the pretty Robinson Estate via Roberts, Racecourse and Robinson Roads.

Wildflowers & Wildlife

This eastward journey around the outskirts of Oyster Harbour and over two bridges to the habitat of the endangered Noisy Scrub Bird is 30km (one way) and takes about 4 hours to ride there and back.

Take Flinders Parade east and head out towards Enu Point on the secluded shared path that twists among the coastal peppermint trees. Go left at Griffith Street and follow the path across Emu Point Drive and Collingwood Road, then onto Brewster. You might have to disembark at the end as there's a steep zigzag that takes you to Lower King Road. There's a shared path all the way to the Lower King Bridge, but thereafter you're on the road (Nanarup). Stop at Lower King Bridge and look back towards town through Oyster Harbour. Continue along Nanarup Road for another 6km before turning left into Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve and a lovely shady area in which to enjoy a picnic after a refreshing swim.

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Go Cycle Amazing Albany Map

Download a copy of the Go Cycle Amazing Albany Map here:

Go Cycle Amazing Albany Map

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