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Range of Styles

We have a range of different styles of bicycles which include most popular brands including Giant, Malvern Star,  Avanti, Apollo, Gecko and trek. All our bicycles are purchased and serviced locally by an accredited dealer. Bicycles styles include  geared hard tail mountain bikes, E-bikes and City bicycles.  All bicycles come with a helmet and key lock at no extra charge.


All adult bicycles come in a range of sizes from extra small, small, medium, large to extra large. Children's sizes start at tots  bikes, 12" & 16" with or without training wheels,  20" regular and/or geared, and 24" geared mountain bikes.


Baby seats are fitted on  bicycles available in small Medium or large.


Tag-a-longs come fitted to a mountain bicycle in small, medium or large sizes. There is an option to have these on other bicycles depending on compatible seat post sizing. Sorry we cannot supply  baby seats separately.

Trailers are available separately

Things to note

Small children's bikes have a back pedal brake. 20" children's bikes come in three different styles. 20" Shortie is a smaller frame for those children in between a 16" and 20" regular size. Geared 20" bikes have no back pedal brakes and for those confident with hand brakes and gears.


Bicycles should only be used during daylight hours. There is NO insurance cover for after daylight hours. On hiring any bicycles, you acknowledge this condition.


Bicycles are not suitable for jumping or stunt riding. Buckled wheels will incur an extra charge of $25 and excess tyre wear from skidding $20.

Bicycle Sizing

This is a rough guide only to bicycle sizing to help you pre order your bikes. Please test ride and ensure the bike feels right for you before taking delivery.


  • X-Small = 4'10 -5'2 = 125 - 158cm
  • Small = 5'2 - 5'6 = 150 - 170cm
  • Medium = 5;3 - 5'8 = 161 - 176cm
  • Large = 5'10 - 6'2 = 174 - 189cm
  • X-Large = 5'10 and over = 178cm and over


  • Tots = 10" bicycle or trike
  • 4-6 years 16" bike
  • 7-9 years 20"
  • 10-13 years 24"

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Please don't take risks! Cycling is an enjoyable pastime but can be hazardous. Suitable safety precautions must be taken at all times. before acepting a bicycle for hire, please test it out to make sure the seat is the right height, brakes work well, helmets fit correctly and the bike feels right for you.

Wear your helmet! They are provided for your safety!

Be aware of any vehicle movements and traffic in the area, including parking areas and inside parks. Most paths have pedestrians, be curtious and if riding up behind them, let them know you are coming - they not be aware.

Look out for any hazards in your path.

Parents! You are responsible for your child's riding behaviour.

While all care is taken in maintaining our bicycles, sometimes things happen that are outside our control.

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